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Open 7 days a week Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes available.

Class Attire

At Fusion we strive to make everyone feel comfortable. We love when students use their individuality and creativity when deciding what to wear to class. We suggest that you wear what makes you comfortable and happy. Here are a few guidelines regarding appropriate attire.

Tiny Tots/Ballet
Pink ballet shoes, tights & bodysuit of any color. Ballet skirts & tutus are also welcomed.

Bare feet or socks. Comfortable fitted clothing.

Broadway Jazz/Jazz
Black jazz shoes. Comfortable fitted clothing.

Latin Jazz
Latin dance shoes or bare feet. Comfortable fitted clothing.

Street Jazz/Hip Hop
Sneakers or combat boots. Comfortable baggy clothing.

Bare feet or heels. Comfortable fitted clothing.

Black tap shoes. Comfortable clothing.

Bare feet. Bodysuit and leggings/shorts or footless tights. Hair neatly in a bun.